• 2.95
    Boylan Soda

    The Old Arcana proudly serves Boylan Hand Crafted Soda. Boylan uses cane sugar in their drinks, rather than high fructose corn syrup like other soda brands. Boylan Soda Flavors:

    • Cane Cola
    • Diet Cola
    • Root Beer
    • Ginger Ale
    • Birch Beer
    • Sparkling Lemonade (Seasonal)

  • 3

    We love coffee at The Old Arcana so we choose our beans very carefully. We are currently featuring single origin premium coffees from Boston Stoker. Estate Grown- direct from the farm.

    • Boston Stoker Premium Coffee   3
    • Pour Over   3.50
    • French Press (coming soon)   4

  • 2.50
    Hot Tea

    The Old Arcana features Organic Teas from Rishi, brewed in your very own pot.

    • Black Breakfast Tea
    • Earl Grey
    • Jade Cloud Green Tea
    • Ginger Tea
    • Chai

  • 2.50
    Iced Tea

    Freshly brewed every day.

  • 2.75
    Orange Juice

    A breakfast staple.